Hello world!

Wow. After a full twenty years of internetting, here I am with a blog of my very own. And for a very me reason: a class. Specifically, Visual Design and Display of Information through U of T continuing education.

A little background: my name is Sarah, I am a librarian by training, currently working in not-for-profit, and recently returned to work from mat leave with my first child (daughter).

While of course every day we are all learning and growing, I’ve always been a fan of formalizing it by taking courses here and there, and it seems like every year I stumble on something that piques my interest. This spring, this particular course was the winner. It occurred to me, once back on the job, that I deal with an awful lot of data that really needs to be information, and preferably information presented in a visually-appealing and easy-to-communicate format. I currently tend towards 10-page reports of close type so clearly need something to kick me out of my word-rut. Looking very much forward to learning how to think differently.

When I saw that this course involved a website, my immediate reaction was panic. Panic because what do I know about design, panic because why did I do this, panic because FAILURE. (This is what happens every time I take a class.)

At any rate, my panic subsided, and I rolled up my sleeves and dug in. Because that’s what you do.



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