Week three: Girls just wanna have fun

Have fun designing, that is. Design is supposed to be fun – it is a creative endeavour that allows you to really push your boundaries and be playful. Like the design guru in the video that Amos shared – Aaron Draplin is clearly doing what he loves. He is having fun and doing work at the same time.

I am not good at letting go and having fun when it comes to work. I want things to be right. I am not sure when fun drained away and being “correct” became all-powerful, but here we are and here I am in a course where messing around and trying different styles/colours/fonts/whatever is encouraged.

On one hand this is exciting – no wrong answers! This is a work in progress! I can foozle around until it feels right!

And on the other hand it is terrifying – of course there are wrong answers! Think of the user experience, dummy! Good design means you get it right and have a consistent product that people can recognize and appreciate!

At any rate, so far with this website I have changed the layout three times and edited all my posts on average of twice. So it’s a good thing that at this point it’s just for me.


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