Busyness: Knitting

I am working on a baby blanket for a friend. It is revoltingly cute, with bunnies that have fluffy tails and everything. It will look like this when it is done:

redonkulously cute

redonkulously cute

It is from Stitch N Bitch: Superstar Knitting, and on the surface, it is a very simple pattern. It is just counting.

I am enraged with the design.

The pattern chart is in a graph, with the little boxes in different colours to make up the bunnies. You count the little boxes to make sure you get the right amount of stitches in each colour and voila! Bunny.

Except when the graph is TINY and my fat fingers cover the little boxes when I’m trying to count them and the rows are too close together to have the numbers on the same side. My bunnies did not look like the ones in the picture. They were misbegotten mutant bunnies. I thought at first that I could power through and it would fix itself, and it became glaringly obvious that they were only getting worse, and it would be shameful to give to someone as a present. A few mistakes you can pass off as wabi-sabi; these bunnies meant that I can’t count.

And so I heaved a great sigh and began ripping back what I had knitted and started from scratch, this time counting everything twice. Hopefully it will be done in time for the baby’s arrival.


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