Week seven: ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Despite my complete lack of experience in website design/content creation/putting things up on the internets that isn’t on Facebook, I jumped in with both feet when it came to actually making this yere design blog.

Which, as I keep going with it, is clearly not the way to go. I’ve been keeping a word doc with thoughts from each week of class [all the wordy posts with week X in the title; posts are getting created & uploaded as I have time for them] but didn’t give too many thoughts to practical stuff like how it will look on a website, or what kind of layout I would like, or even if the layout that I like on the WordPress menu is going to actually work for me.

Fortunately we were partnered for review, so that one of my classmates looked at my first few posts and could offer suggestions for improvement, particularly in navigation. With his feedback, I chose a different layout that offered the things I liked but also (hopefully) made it easier to navigate.

And even with a better/different layout, I still find things to tweak. I’ve edited most of my posts once or twice, thought hard about whether or not another layout might suit better, but will have to just let it go and leave it….and send the link off to the professor to complete the course.


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