Busyness: blankie for Baby Bear

As hoped, the corner-to-corner blankie for Baby Bear knitted up just as quick and sweet as I could possibly hope for.

all done!

all done!

It needs some pretty major blocking but I might just leave it in a diamond because, you know, laziness.

One minor piss-off is that colour change in the top right hand corner. I am pretty diligent about getting the same dye-lot and apparently for this brand, it’s optional for the same dye-lot numbers to have the same dye-lot colours. Which is irritating. I rely on the companies to be consistent with the dye-lots. That’s the entire freaking point of putting a dye-lot number on the label. If I didn’t care about the colours matching, I’d buy the “no dye lot” 5 pound bag of yarn ends for $10 or whatever it is.

Ahem. Maybe it was more than a minor piss-off…

Ah well. It is soft and cuddly and Baby Bear rolled around on it and I wrapped her up like a happy little burrito in it, so I’d say that works.


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