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Magic beans

Our back garden is fascinating: when you dig in the soil you get the worst stuff coming up, like bottle caps and rusty nails and cigarette butts. But the plants cannot get enough of it.

Check this peony:

growing like WEEDS

growing like WEEDS

I had been concerned that it wouldn’t come back, but nope! Came back bigger and better than before.

Because I’m still a fairly lazy gardener, I like to set myself up for success and plant things that are known to be easy to grown. To whit, scarlet runner beans. But I still can’t get over how awesomely fast they grow.

last week

this week

this week

No skill, planning, effort, or even healthy-looking dirt needed. Giant’s castle and golden-egg laying hen, here we come.


Busyness: Gardening

So we recently moved to a place that features outdoor space, and I decided to try my hand at gardening. When I was a child, it was an assigned chore, and I hated it like fire; now that I am adult, for some reason pulling weeds is an appealing way of spending my time. Child-me is totally disappointed with adult-me.

Our front lawn was dug up in the fall so that our water pipes could be replaced (yay, no more lead!) and it left the lawn looking…a little sad. So step one was a retaining wall:

all in a day's work for Team Awesome

all in a day’s work for Team Awesome

Which, as one might imagine, took a fair amount of planning, researching, DESIGNING, and then redoing and redoing and redoing, as we kept trying to get it juuuuuuusst right.

Step two was plants. I had to restrain myself quite hard on this one. I wanted to get all the plants. I wanted it to look like this:

Just like this, RIGHT NOW

Just like this, RIGHT NOW

But I have accepted that 1) I have to work with partial shade and 2) gardening takes time.

So I have ended up with this:

Not quite the garden of my imaginings.

Not quite the garden of my imaginings.

There are still a few more plants that I’d like to add in, and the real test will be next spring to see if all of these come back. And then…then, we’ll see.