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busyness: make yer own ice cream

One of the lovely ladies in my book club had a baby earlier this summer, and so I offered to host a baby meet and greet. Just for the hell of it, I called it an ice-cream social, because I’ve always liked the sound of that, and lo and behold, the universe gave me this gift: Three-ingredient no-ice-cream-maker-required ice cream. Where one of the ingredients is sweetened condensed milk, aka the best food in the universe. And the other is whipping cream, and the other is whatever your little heart desires.

Ice cream in progress

Ice cream in progress

My choice for flavours were: Nutella, banana, nectarine-cherry (pictured above), and popcorn (because why not). They came together in about ten minutes flat, and only took that long because I used the hand mixer rather than electric. They froze pretty hard, and greatly benefitted from a fifteen-minute thaw on the counter, but oh my were they good. Nutella was far and away the most popular flavour because Nutella, but popcorn ran a close favourite.

Yeah. So that’s my new favourite dessert.


Busyness: blankie for Baby Bear

As hoped, the corner-to-corner blankie for Baby Bear knitted up just as quick and sweet as I could possibly hope for.

all done!

all done!

It needs some pretty major blocking but I might just leave it in a diamond because, you know, laziness.

One minor piss-off is that colour change in the top right hand corner. I am pretty diligent about getting the same dye-lot and apparently for this brand, it’s optional for the same dye-lot numbers to have the same dye-lot colours. Which is irritating. I rely on the companies to be consistent with the dye-lots. That’s the entire freaking point of putting a dye-lot number on the label. If I didn’t care about the colours matching, I’d buy the “no dye lot” 5 pound bag of yarn ends for $10 or whatever it is.

Ahem. Maybe it was more than a minor piss-off…

Ah well. It is soft and cuddly and Baby Bear rolled around on it and I wrapped her up like a happy little burrito in it, so I’d say that works.

Magic beans

Our back garden is fascinating: when you dig in the soil you get the worst stuff coming up, like bottle caps and rusty nails and cigarette butts. But the plants cannot get enough of it.

Check this peony:

growing like WEEDS

growing like WEEDS

I had been concerned that it wouldn’t come back, but nope! Came back bigger and better than before.

Because I’m still a fairly lazy gardener, I like to set myself up for success and plant things that are known to be easy to grown. To whit, scarlet runner beans. But I still can’t get over how awesomely fast they grow.

last week

this week

this week

No skill, planning, effort, or even healthy-looking dirt needed. Giant’s castle and golden-egg laying hen, here we come.