Busyness: bunny blankie redux

Because I had an excess of yarn leftover from the first bunny blankie, and another baby-on-the-way announcement ringing in my ears, I decided to make another. But this time I would reverse the colours, just to be different!

…and this is where you need to trust the designer sometimes. Designer knows best. Designer has gone through all the different possibilities of colours and numbers of bunnies and styles, and published the one that works.

For some reason, dark brown bunnies on a tan background really drew attention to the fact that brown is…well…the colour of poo. Or as the Captain pointed out, as though the bunnies were turds on a blanket. Which, given that it’s for a baby, is maybe not the worst thing since babies are turd factories, but still, the blanket at this point is mostly for the parents and the last thing they want is to be presented with something so nasty lookin’.

Needless to say I ripped that sucker back and started over, with the colours specified in the pattern.


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